Where do good ideas come from?

Where do good ideas come from?
Good ideas do not – for the most part – come from inside someone's head. Instead, they come from outside – specifically from social interaction. A study conducted in leading research laboratories found that scientists rarely, if ever, had a flash of inspiration or eureka moment alone in the lab.
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How are new ideas created?
There are three key approaches to generating new ideas : Breaking old thinking patterns. Making new connections. Getting fresh perspectives.
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Where do good ideas come from summary?
1-Sentence- Summary : Where Good Ideas Come From describes how the process of innovation is similar to evolution and why good ideas have to be shaped over time, build on existing platforms, require connections, luck, and error and how you can turn something old into something new. Aug 27, 2016
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Where do innovative ideas come from?
According to Luhn, innovative ideas are created through collaborative brainstorming and feedback. To inspire the most innovative and creative ideas, the way you give feedback is important as well.
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