Where do innovative ideas come from?

Where do innovative ideas come from?
According to Luhn, innovative ideas are created through collaborative brainstorming and feedback. To inspire the most innovative and creative ideas, the way you give feedback is important as well.
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What is the source of most innovative ideas?
Unexpected Occurrences. Consider, first, the easiest and simplest source of innovation opportunity: the unexpected. ...
Incongruities. ...
Process Needs. ...
Industry and Market Changes. ...
Demographic Changes. ...
Changes in Perception. ...
New Knowledge.
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What makes your idea innovative?
A product or an idea becomes innovative when it stands out from the rest and truly makes the customers' lives easier. A successful change that can convert knowledge and ideas into benefit – in the form of new or improved products / services is capable of being innovative. Feb 6, 2012
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Where do innovations come from?
Innovation comes from your subconscious.
They may come to us in dreams, during meditation, in the shower, or when we're otherwise preoccupied with some menial or repetitive task that allows our deeper emotions and thoughts to engage. And no, distracting yourself with games or social media does not qualify. Oct 16, 2014
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