how 3d printing is changing the world?

How can 3D printers help the world?
Changing Medicine
3D printing can now be used in medicine to provide better care – and 3D printed objects can be used for things like prosthetic parts that fit accurately, bones that can rebuild breaks, and medical models that help researchers better development treatments and cures (and much, much more).
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How does 3D printing impact society?
With widespread 3D printing, most goods will be designed on computers and “manufactured” in the homes of consumers, thus reducing both the costs and environmental impacts of transportation. ... Soon enough, the prices of 3D printers and materials will fall as the demand and supply increase.
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How does 3D printing impact the environment?
3D printers consume a huge amount of electricity in comparison to CNC or other machining tools. The laser or heat technology used to fuse materials requires a large amount of power and it can have significant effects on the environment especially in countries where fossil fuel is used to generate electricity.
How would 3D printing change the world?
3D printing's benefits continue to impress us — from being eco-friendly to creating more intricate and efficient parts. The impact that it has already made on the world gives me confidence that 3D printing can help solve some of the world's biggest problems, such as homelessness and global climate change. Nov 15, 2020
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