how heavy are the dumbbells you lift machio?

How heavy are the dumbbells you lift machio voice actor?
Stephen Fu is the English dub voice of Naruzo Machio in How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift ?, and Kaito Ishikawa is the Japanese voice.
How heavy are the weights you lift characters?
Sora Amamiya...Akemi Souryuuin 12 episodes, 2019
Kaito Ishikawa...Machio Naruzou 12 episodes, 2019
Morgan Laure...Ayaka Uehara / ... 12 episodes, 2019
Madeleine Morris...Hibiki Sakura / ... 12 episodes, 2019
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How strong is machio?
As his physique would imply, his strength is leagues above the average human, able to easily crush a hand grip that only 100 people in the world could close with a single hand. By his own account, he was only strong enough to bench 100kg and bicep curl 50kg dumbbells when he was just starting out.
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Is how heavy are the dumbbells you lift Season 2?
They haven't canceled or renewed How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift Season 2. So, the fans are eagerly waiting for the makers to officially announce the future of the anime. Mar 9, 2021
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