how i met your mother cast?

Who ended up being the mother in how I met your mother
The Way How I Met Your Mother Really Ended
After several years of buildup and teases regarding the identity of the Mother, whose name is revealed to be Tracy (Cristin Milioti), How I Met Your Mother's series finale revealed that she'd actually been dead for six years. Aug 22, 2020
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Who is Ted Mosby married to in real life
All these questions, and finally, we have the answers. So, let's look at the partners of those "How I Met Your Mother" actors. This was indeed a bombshell for the fans when they discovered that Ted and Trace McConnell got married and had two kids. Mar 11, 2021
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Who is the richest in how I met your mother
Barney Stinson
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Why did how I met your mother get Cancelled?
When a new season got the green light, the network had to renegotiate with the cast, which didn't go smoothly. A few cast members had already shifted focus to movies, including Cobie Smulders and Jason Segel, the latter of which became the last to sign on for the ninth and final season. Aug 2, 2020
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