how long is justice league?

How long is Justice League Snyder cut?
4h 2m
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How long is the new Justice League?
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The new version of ' Justice League ' is four hours long and an improvement in certain ways as per a report by The Hollywood Reporter. 6 days ago
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Is the new Justice League 4 hours Long?
The result is an epic four- hour movie at 242 minutes, longer than “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Gone with the Wind” and “The Godfather,” divided into six chapters, plus an epilogue. 6 days ago
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Is Zack Snyder's Justice League 4 hours?
The new version of Justice League, dubbed by fans as The Snyder Cut, carries a very lengthy four- hour runtime. Director Zack Snyder himself has now explained why he wanted to make the movie so very long and why it wasn't split into four parts as he originally talked about. Mar 19, 2021
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