how many inches of snow did detroit get yesterday?

How do you find what the weather was on a specific date?
To find weather for a certain date, take the following steps: Visit weather -history. Enter your location and your date range. Click the View data button. Jan 18, 2021
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How much snow did DTW get?
CityDeparture From NormalWinter Snowfall Total
Ann Arbor-6.2″56.1″
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What was the weather yesterday in Detroit?
1:53 pm44 °FSunny.
12:53 pm42 °FSunny.
11:53 am39 °FSunny.
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When was the latest snow in Michigan?
DetroitMeasureable Snowfall (0.1 inch)1 inch or greater
Average DateNovember 17November 30
Earliest DateOctober 12, 2006October 19, 1989
Latest Date of First OccurrenceDecember 29, 1998February 17, 1919
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