how old is tom brady 43?

How old is the oldest person in the NFL right now?
At 46 years old, kicker Adam Vinatieri is by far the oldest player in the NFL, five years older than the next oldest player, the indomitable Tom Brady, who has said he wants to play until he is 45. Jan 25, 2021
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Is Tom Brady a twin?
Tom Brady Doesn't Have a Twin, but He Shares a Birthday With His Older Sister. There are few athletes more successful than Tom Brady. In addition to his long, winning career in the NFL, Tom also married one of the world's biggest supermodels and seems to have a loving and supportive home life. Aug 4, 2020
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Who is the oldest active quarterback in the NFL
Drew Brees is 42 years old,havin celebrated his birthday during the playoffs. Brees entered the league a year after Brady as a member of the Chargers. He left the Chargers after the 2005 season to join the Saints, where he's set a number of NFL records and won a Super Bowl. Jan 17, 2021
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Who is the oldest quarterback in history
George Blanda retired from playing professional football at the age of 48, which makes Blanda the oldest NFL quarterback ever.
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