how secure is my password kaspersky?

Can I trust Kaspersky Password Manager?
Do I recommend Kaspersky Password Manager ? No, I won't recommend Kaspersky Password Manager. This app has some great features. But the problem is that the free version is too restriction, and the premium plan still lacks a lot of key features to manage your passwords or any other data like most other apps provide.
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How secure is my password is it safe?
But in this case, the answer is that it is safe to enter password because it's not transmitted to the another site. It does only client-side calculations in javascript, so it doesnt transfer any passwords outside the browser to perform server-side storage or something like this.
Is Kaspersky Password Checker safe?
The upside here is that you know Kaspersky is going to be a secure place to check your password. The downside is that they don't give you much here. Oct 6, 2020
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Is Kaspersky Password Manager included in Internet security?
If you got the password manager as a component of Kaspersky Total Security or Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can rely on it for basic password management.
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