how secure is my password tiktok?

How secure is a 15 character password?
A 15 - character password is often considered good protection for up to a year. Most security guidelines also insist on character complexity, which usually means that the password must contain multiple character sets, such as uppercase alphabetic characters, numbers, keyboard symbols, and so on. Nov 13, 2012
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How secure is my password is it safe?
But in this case, the answer is that it is safe to enter password because it's not transmitted to the another site. It does only client-side calculations in javascript, so it doesnt transfer any passwords outside the browser to perform server-side storage or something like this.
Is a 16 character password secure?
Longer is better. Traditional eight- character passwords are now easily compromised. A password should be 12 characters at a minimum — ideally 16 or more. Using a multi-word passphrase makes even longer passwords possible and easy to remember. Sep 21, 2020
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What is the most secure password?
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