how soon is now charmed?

How Soon Is Now release date?
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How Soon Is Now video girl?
' video is none other than Jamie Pressley..... It definitely wasn't Jaime Pressly. The video was made in 1985 and the girl in the video is a young woman, but in 1985, Jaime Pressly, who was born in 1977, was only eight years old.
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When did How Soon Is Now become the charmed theme song?
After initial reluctance, the band recorded the song, and it was released as a single from the movie's soundtrack in 1996. The song became popular after The WB Television Network utilised the band's cover as the theme song for the witchcraft-themed television series Charmed.
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Why did they change the theme song for Charmed?
During the fourth and fifth season, a five-second opening with instrumental music is used for the two-part premiere episodes. How Soon Is Now? was also replaced by hard-rock instrumental music on the season eight DVDs because the music license to use it had expired.
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