how were the pyramids built documentary?

How did they build the pyramids with water?
Every summer, when the Nile flooded, giant dykes were opened to divert water from the river and channel it to the pyramid through a manmade canal system creating an inland port which allowed boats to dock very close to the work site — just a few hundred metres away from the growing pyramid.
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How were the pyramids built and why were they built?
The pyramids were ordered by the kings of ancient Egyptian society called Pharaohs. They found the best engineers and architects to help design and build the monuments. Most of the pyramids were built as tombs - the final resting places for Egypt's royalty who took all their worldly possessions with them. Nov 7, 2018
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How were the pyramids really built?
In a nutshell, it discusses that the pyramids were made with sheer man power and tens of thousands of workers. Stones were supposedly pulled across the desert with ropes and sleds, and it's only recently that the RT was updated to include that they would also wet the sand to reduce friction. May 12, 2017
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Who built the pyramids documentary
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