how xbox game pass works on pc?

Can Xbox game pass be used on PC?
With the Xbox Game Pass for PC membership, you get access to the Xbox Game Pass catalog on your Windows 10 PC. Join Xbox Game Pass Ultimate to enjoy Xbox Game Pass on both your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One console.
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How does Xbox game pass on PC work?
Xbox Game Pass members enjoy unlimited access to high-quality games within the PC library, until either the membership is canceled/expires, or a game leaves the Xbox Game Pass library. ... Between 31 and 90 days from a game's launch date, members receive up to a 10% discount off the Microsoft Store price.
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Is Xbox game pass the same as PC game pass?
Whether you play games on Xbox One or PC, the Xbox Game Pass for Console and the Xbox Game Pass for PC offers the same benefits, but for its corresponding platform. ... While the plan for Xbox One and PC offer unlimited access to games, you still need to pay for an Xbox Live Gold membership for multiplayer online gaming. Feb 12, 2021
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