what 3d printer should i buy reddit?

Are 3D printers worth it 2020 Reddit?
3d printing is not about profit. ... You can change the print settings to use more or less filament too. I think it's definitely worth it. There are unlimited things to print and if you make your own designs it may take a few try's but you'll be super happy when you get it right. Apr 7, 2019
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What 3D printer should I buy Reddit 2020?
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What is the best 3D printer for beginners Reddit?
I would suggest an Ender 3. You could get a V1 for sub $200. The newer V2 just came out and is only a bit more expensive. It's a great starter printer, with a great community around it. Sep 25, 2020
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Which 3D printer should I buy?
Whether you are in the classroom or just starting, we recommend the lower end Ultimaker series and the Prusa printers. Formlabs 2 is also a great place to start. However, if you have got some money to spend or are starting a business, we recommend the higher-end S5 or Formlabs 3. Sep 9, 2020
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