what causes high blood pressure in teens?

what causes high blood pressure in teens?
This might be heart disease or kidney disease. Diet. Salt, foods with high salt content (such as packaged meats), alcohol, drinks with caffeine (such as coffee and soda) can all raise blood pressure.
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Can a 16 year old have high blood pressure?
It was once believed that high blood pressure in teens was largely related to an underlying problem with the heart or kidneys. But research shows this isn't the case and that teens today are developing hypertension in approximately the same proportions as adults.
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Can a teenager have high blood pressure?
While high blood pressure is most common in adults, teens can have it too. High blood pressure can run in families.
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What is the normal blood pressure range for a teenager?
A teenager may have an acceptable blood pressure of 110/70 mm Hg, but that value would be of concern in a toddler. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has prepared a series of age- and gender-specific blood pressure measurement tables for children ages 3 through 17 years, based on percentiles.
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Why does my 15 year old have high blood pressure?
Older children can develop high blood pressure for the same reasons adults do — excess weight, poor nutrition and lack of exercise. Lifestyle changes, such as eating a heart-healthy diet and exercising more, can help reduce high blood pressure in children. But for some children, medications may be necessary. Dec 5, 2018
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