what does a 50 year old woman want in bed?

what does a 50 year old woman want in bed?
A woman at 50 want you to be observant more than anything. So that she won't be the one to tell you everything you need to do or know. She wants you to know when she needs you more and when she wants you to slow down. She prefers it if you are fast enough to read their mind and work with their body language.
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Can a 50 year old woman be sexually active?
In short, women can still pursue a fulfilling sex life — even after menopause. " Sex after 50 can be the best sex of your life. " One caveat: it's true that a drop in estrogen can lead to vaginal dryness, as well as to vaginal walls that are thinner, which can sometimes make sex painful. Jun 6, 2018
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What do 50 year old woman want in a relationship?
Instead, she wants a partner to complement the beautiful life she's built; she wants someone to share it with. As your relationship develops, she'll expect you to maintain your hobbies and interests as she maintains hers. The beautiful part about dating over 50 is having confidence in who you are.
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