what does o p p stand for?

What does a friend of an OPP is an OPP mean?
hello, ' opp ' is Opp is a slang word meaning opposition; it is often used by criminals to refer to their enemies, such as rival gang members. This slang isn't consider a nationwide slang, it's mostly used in places Pittsburgh, California, and Chicago. Oct 7, 2016
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What does OPP mean in text message?
Opp is an abbreviation for "Opponent," which may be a person you are playing against in a competition or an adversary in real life. It is often used in text messages, on social media, and when gaming online. Apr 23, 2020
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What does OPP slang mean?
OPP is an acronym that refers to sexual infidelity, meaning other people's pussy. It is the title and topic of a 1991 song by the rap group Naughty by Nature. Not an acronym but commonly used, OPP can also stand for opposition, or enemy, and is often used in street and gang culture.
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What's down with OPP mean?
If you're " Down with O.P.P.," it means you are willing to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend. ... " O.P.P. " was released in the summer of 1991, months before Gilbert O'Sullivan's lawsuit against Biz Markie established that samples had to be cleared.
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