what does y all mean?

what does y all mean?
Y'all (pronounced /jɔːl/ yawl) is a contraction of you and all, sometimes combined as you-all.
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How do you use Y all in a sentence?
" Y'all are cutting me no slack today," he said. ...
" Y'all need to learn to ask before setting foot in my house," he warned. ...
Y'all get ready to go and meet us here at the med center. ...
"Glad to see y'all are still in a happy mood," Hunter said, an exaggerated smile on his face.
Is Y all rude?
From Wiktionary's article on y'all : Y'all is not considered informal speech, but is also not considered formal -- You all would, to a few, be considered more formal, but is not required in formal situation nor is it encouraged. Nov 15, 2018
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Is yall a real word?
Though " y'all " is inherently plural, in the instance of addressing a larger group of people, "all y'all " is more of a casual, slang phrase that's sometimes used. ... The only right way to spell the contraction of "you" and "all" is "y'all." " Ya'll " is incorrect and a misspelling of the word, so don't use it.
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What does Y all mean in texting?
contraction of "you all." Y'all need to stop that.
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