what ever happened to baby jane cast?

Did Blanche die at the end of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
When the maid Jane fired, Elivra, returns to check on Blanche, she is murdered by Jane. Time passes and Elvira's family is starting to ask questions, then her body is discovered. In a panic, Jane drives Blanche to the beach. At the beach, Blanche reveals that she was the driver in the accident that left her paralyzed. Mar 5, 2017
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Is What Ever Happened to Baby Jane a true story?
The eight-part FX series is based on the very real feud between the actresses on the set of 1962's “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ?,” a horror film in which they co-starred as Jane and Blanche Hudson, two aging child stars who live in a decaying Hollywood mansion, with Jane as the cruel caretaker of crippled sister ... Mar 6, 2017
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What Ever Happened to Baby Jane rat scene?
In this scene, Jane serves Blanche a dead rat on a silver serving tray as Jane then cackles in glee at Blanche's escalating screams of horror. ... Yes, Blanche screams because she is mortified to find she is being served a dead rat by her sister and caretaker but her scream is also one of anguished frustration. Mar 24, 2020
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