what ever happened to baby jane streaming?

Did Blanche die at the end of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane
When the maid Jane fired, Elivra, returns to check on Blanche, she is murdered by Jane. Time passes and Elvira's family is starting to ask questions, then her body is discovered. In a panic, Jane drives Blanche to the beach. At the beach, Blanche reveals that she was the driver in the accident that left her paralyzed. Mar 5, 2017
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Is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on Amazon Prime?
Watch What Ever Happened to Baby Jane ? Prime Video.
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Is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane on Netflix?
Unfortunately, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane ? cannot currently be viewed on Netflix, but the classic film can viewed online via numerous services including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, via Microsoft, and through CinemaNow! Mar 12, 2017
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