what happens when an atom gains or loses an electron?

what happens when an atom gains or loses an electron?
In ordinary matter, the number of electrons in an atom is the same as the number of protons. ... An atom that gains or loses an electron becomes an ion. If it gains a negative electron, it becomes a negative ion. If it loses an electron it becomes a positive ion (see page 10 for more on ions).
What is it called when an atom loses electrons?
When an atom gains / loses an electron, the atom becomes charged, and is called an ion. Gaining an electron results in a negative charge, so the atom is an anion. Losing an electron results in a positive charge, so atom ion is a cation.
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When an atom loses an electron what happens quizlet?
When an atom loses one of its electrons, it becomes a positively charged ion. The atom that gains the electron becomes a negatively charged ion. What is an ionic bond? An ionic bond is the attraction between two oppositely charged ions- Ionic bonds form as a result of the attraction between positive and negative ions.
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