what is my ipv6?

How do I access my IPv6 address in my browser?
Know where you are going and with which IP version before you get there. One way to get your browser to navigate to an IPv6 -capable web site is to simply enter the IPv6 address of the web server into the browser's address bar. Jul 24, 2010
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How do I check my IPv6?
Go to your Android device System Settings and tap on Network & Internet.
Tap on Mobile network.
Tap on Advanced.
Tap on Access Point Names.
Tap on the APN you are currently using.
Tap on APN Protocol.
Tap on IPv6.
Save the changes.
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How do I find my IPv6 address on my Iphone?
On the Interfaces tab, under "'en0, Wi-Fi Interface," IPv6 Toolkit displays the IPv6 addresses provided to it by the iOS kernel. Again, you can look for the "ff:fe" string that earmarks the EUI-64 address so that you can uniquely identify the other one, the privacy address. Aug 30, 2013
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How do I ping with IPv6?
Summary# To ping IPv6 addresses, use the ping6 command along with the interface option -I . Example: ping -I en1 2a03:2880:f12f:83:face:b00c::25de . Dec 9, 2019
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