what not to wear stacy?

Do they really throw away the clothes on what not to wear?
The clothes are known to be donated, but there is no input from the contestant. ... Some clothes are even thrown completely away if they are too worn or used. Well, until the show is over. At that time, participants could go through the bags of clothing and take back anything they want to keep. Dec 8, 2017
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Is Clinton from What Not to Wear straight?
Clinton Kelly is an openly gay man and has been married to his husband Damon Bayles since 2009. They live together in Connecticut.
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Is Stacy London's GREY streak natural?
Yes, it's real. And no, Stacy London is not getting rid of her signature gray streak of hair. She tried to do it once before, with disastrous results. Oct 15, 2010
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Where is Stacy London now?
Stacy London continues to work in the fashion and television world, contributing regularly to NBC's Today and other shows including Rachael Ray and Access Hollywood. Mar 16, 2019
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