what qualifies you for unemployment in arkansas?

Can you draw unemployment and work part-time in Arkansas?
You may be eligible for partial benefits if you work part - time and earn less than 140% of your Weekly Benefit Amount. You 'll need to report your earnings and whether you 're working full- or part - time. Apr 14, 2020
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How long do you have to work to get unemployment in Arkansas?
How Long Do I Have to Work For to Collect Unemployment in Arkansas ? Arkansas defines what qualifies as an employer as having /paying at least one employee for a minimum of ten days in a calendar year. You must have spent time working during a minimum of two quarters in the base period.
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How much do you get for unemployment in Arkansas?
A: Generally, an individual will receive a weekly benefit amount ranging from $81 to $451 each week. This will be determined by the average of all wages in a worker's base period. Once a claim is filed, monetary eligibility will be established through the claim filing process.
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