what remains of edith finch?

How did Edith Finch die?
Died of an unknown terminal illness. Unknown. Exact cause unknown; implied to have died during childbirth while giving birth to Christopher. Edith's death is the latest known death of the Finch Family.
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Is what remains of Edith Finch a horror game?
WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH is a game about dying, or rather the act of dying. ... Developed by Giant Sparrow and published by Annapurna Interactive WHAT REMAINS OF EDITH FINCH isn't a horror game per se. It's akin to a ghost story that can probably be more accurately described as a story about your ghosts. Mar 23, 2018
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What remains of Edith Finch all deaths?
Cause of Death for the entire Finch family, in chronological order: Ingeborg (& Johann) - childbirth, age unknown; Odin - shipwreck, age 57; Molly - self-induced food poisoning, age 10; Barbara - murder (blunt force trauma), age 16; Calvin - fall from a cliff (via a swing set) age 11; Sven - crushed by dragon-shaped ...
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What remains of Edith Finch ending explained?
Edith came to the house looking for some way to make sense of her family and its past, and she came away with the conclusion that there was no sense to be found. Solving the mystery would have run counter to the entire thematic point of the game, which is that there was never actually any mystery to solve. Oct 7, 2017
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