what rhymes with orange?

what rhymes with orange?
According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the only word that perfectly rhymes with “orange” is “sporange,” an uncommon botanical term for a part of a fern.
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Does binge rhyme with orange?
You can make them rhyme, but they don't truly rhyme. ... "Cringe," " binge " and "fringe" are semirhymes - that is, they rhyme with the last syllable of " orange," but since " orange " has two syllables, the expectation of a perfect rhyme is that the "or" syllable in the beginning of the word should be accounted for, as well.
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What actually rhymes with orange?
The only perfect rhyming word for orange is "sporange." A sporange is an old botanical term for "sporangium," the portion of a fern in which asexual spores are created. This doesn't exactly lend itself to use in sonnets or couplets, but it's handy trivia nonetheless.
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What is a Sporange?
(spə-răn′jē-əm) pl. spo·ran·gi·a (-jē-ə) A single-celled or many-celled structure in which spores are produced, especially in fungi, algae, mosses, and ferns. Also called spore case.
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