where 702 area code?

where 702 area code?
The 702 area code covers Las Vegas, Nevada as well as several cities such as Spring Valley, Winchester, Henderson, and Sunrise Manor.
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Is 702 area code a toll free number?
Area code 702 is not a toll free number as it is the area code for the Las Vegas area along with its overlay 725. Nov 17, 2020
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What city is area code 702 in California?
Area Code 702 serves the area of Las Vegas in the U.S. state of Nevada.
What time zone is area code 702?
What time zone is area code 702? The Las Vegas area code is located in the Pacific time zone ( PST ).
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Where is the area code 702 located?
Area codes 702 and 725 are the North American Numbering Plan telephone area codes serving Clark County, Nevada, including Las Vegas.
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