where all the xp coins are in fortnite season 3?

where all the xp coins are in fortnite season 3?
On top of the mountain southeast of Catty Corner.
In the middle of the road northeast of Catty Corner.
Under the bridge southwest of Catty Corner.
Hovering next to the dam southeast of Weeping Woods.
On the covered bridge south of Frenzy Farms.
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Are all the XP coins in fortnite?
XP Coins in Fortnite are a great source of weekly XP if you are looking to level up your Battle Pass. ... Green Coins are worth 5000 XP, Blue Coins are worth 6500 XP, and Purple Coins break up into lots of smaller coins, but if you grab them all, they are worth 10,300 XP in total. Mar 4, 2021
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How many XP coins are there in fortnite Season 3?
All 99 XP COINS LOCATIONS IN FORTNITE SEASON 3 Chapter 2 (WEEK 1-10) Aug 10, 2020
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Where is every XP coin in fortnite?
Coin #1— In the grassy area directly West of the Southwest corner of Steamy Stacks. Coin #2— On the large hill directly North of The Orchard's west side. Coin #3— On the Northeast corner of Weeping Woods, where the forest meets the sand. Coin #4— Off the Southeast corner of Camp Cod, on the southern edge of the map. Mar 16, 2021
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