where are enzymes made in the body?

where are enzymes made in the body?
Enzymes are produced naturally in the body. For example, enzymes are required for proper digestive system function. Digestive enzymes are mostly produced in the pancreas, stomach, and small intestine.
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Are enzymes made in the liver?
The liver digests food by producing bile to break down fats, removing toxins and breaking down and storing some vitamins and minerals. The pancreas produces enzymes to help break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The gall bladder stores the bile that is produced by the liver. Sep 27, 2013
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How does the body produce enzymes?
Our body makes our metabolic enzymes from the complete amino acid food we ingest. Complete amino acids are only found in animal products. It takes a combination of many plant products to make a complete amino source, and these sources are usually processed or heated, destroying the enzymes.
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What body system produces enzymes?
During digestion, your pancreas makes pancreatic juices called enzymes. These enzymes break down sugars, fats, and starches. Your pancreas also helps your digestive system by making hormones.
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Where do enzymes originally come from?
Some enzymes of animal or plant origin have been used in agricultural applications; however, those enzymes most broadly used are of microbial origin. Amylase, protease, isomerase, lactase (many types of each), rennet, oxidase, catalase, beta-glucanase, hemicellulase.
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