where are the ozarks filmed?

where are the ozarks filmed?
While some exterior shots of the actual Ozarks are used on the show, Ozark is mostly filmed in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
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Is Ozark a real place?
The Ozarks, also known as the Ozark Mountains or Ozark Plateau, is a physiographic region in the U.S. states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and the extreme southeastern corner of Kansas. ... There are two mountain ranges within the Ozarks : the Boston Mountains of Arkansas and the St. Francois Mountains of Missouri.
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Where is the blue cat lodge from Ozark?
Over at Allatoona (pictured) is the Blue Cat Lodge, the diner and gas station that Marty takes over early in Season one as a front for his shady dealings. On a south-eastern bend of the lake, it was formerly the Little River Grill, and at the end of filming reopened as JD's on the Lake. Oct 7, 2018
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Where is the house in Ozark filmed?
Marty and his family stayed in an old lake house in the series, but it wasn't in Lake of the Ozarks like they say in the series. It's actually right near Van Pugh North Park on Lanier. We traveled down Gaines Ferry Rd. and over to the right, just before the park entrance, is the house. May 4, 2020
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Where is the Lake of the Ozarks?
Lake of the Ozarks, lake in south-central Missouri, U.S., in the scenic Ozark Mountains about 42 miles (68 km) southwest of Jefferson City. One of the largest man-made lakes in the United States, it is impounded by Bagnell Dam, built (1929–31) across the Osage River to provide hydroelectric power for the St.
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