where are the ozarks in missouri?

where are the ozarks in missouri?
The Ozarks cover a significant portion of northern Arkansas and most of the southern half of Missouri, extending from Interstate 40 in central Arkansas to Interstate 70 in central Missouri. There are two mountain ranges within the Ozarks: the Boston Mountains of Arkansas and the St. Francois Mountains of Missouri.
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How far are the Ozarks from St Louis?
Distance from Saint Louis, MO to Ozark, MO
There are 198.07 miles from Saint Louis to Ozark in southwest direction and 226 miles (363.71 kilometers) by car, following the I-44 W route. Saint Louis and Ozark are 3 hours 27 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop .
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Is Ozark Missouri a real place?
The Ozarks are a real group of mountains spanning across the US states of Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma, and there are two main mountain ranges. Although the series is set in the Ozarks, most of the shooting locations are in the Atlanta area and the crew constructed a set in Georgia. ... May 28, 2020
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What is special about the Ozarks?
The Ozark region is known for an abundance of sparkling springs, waterfalls, lakes, caves, caverns, and sinks (also known as karstic landforms). ... The Boston Mountains in Northwest Arkansas feature the highest peaks of the Ozark Mountains, many of which exceed 2,000 feet.
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Why is Lake of the Ozarks so dangerous?
Another significant risk is that the Lake of the Ozarks attracts a large number of large boats that are built for speeds. With no speed limits or horsepower restrictions, these bigger boats consistently pose a threat to smaller boats and contribute to making the Lake of the Ozarks a more dangerous place. Aug 17, 2020
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