where are volcanoes located in the mid ocean ridge?

where are volcanoes located in the mid ocean ridge?
The vast majority of volcanic activity on the planet occurs along the mid-ocean ridge, and it is the place where the crust of the Earth is born. The material that erupts at spreading centers along the mid-ocean ridge is primarily basalt, the most common rock on Earth.
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How are volcanoes created at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge?
As the mantle rises towards the surface below the ridge the pressure is lowered (decompression) and the hot rock starts to partially melt. This produces basaltic volcanoes when an eruption occurs above the surface (Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland) and characteristic basalt “pillow lava” in underwater eruptions.
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What volcanoes form at mid-ocean ridges?
MID - OCEAN RIDGES, NEAR- RIDGE SEAMOUNTS, HOT SPOT VOLCANOES, CALIFORNIA MARGIN SEAMOUNTS – Basaltic volcanism in the deep oceans has long been thought to consist of quietly effusive discharge of lava to form pillow, lobate, and sheet flows.
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Why are there volcanoes at the Mid-Ocean Ridge?
Mid - ocean ridges occur along divergent plate boundaries, where new ocean floor is created as the Earth's tectonic plates spread apart. As the plates separate, molten rock rises to the seafloor, producing enormous volcanic eruptions of basalt.
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