where are wetlands located?

What a wetland is and where they are found?
A wetland is found where the land is wet enough (i.e. saturated or flooded) for long enough to be unfavourable to most plants but are favourable to plants adapted to anaerobic soil conditions. ... In areas which are not wetlands, water drains away quickly and the soil does not remain saturated.
Where are wetlands located in the US?
Generally found in the floodplains of rivers and streams in the southeast and south central United States, nutrients from nearby river and stream systems feed these wetlands, causing them to develop into some of the most biologically productive ecosystems found on land.
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Where is the largest wetland located?
The world's largest protected wetland was announced by the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance. The site, known as Llanos de Moxos, is located in the South American country of Bolivia. At more than 17 million acres, the wetland is roughly equal in size to the US state of North Dakota. Feb 2, 2013
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Where is the wetlands located in the world?
Swamps and marshes are generally found in warm climates. Bogs are more common in cold or even Arctic areas in North America, Europe, and Asia. They also exist at high altitudes in warmer regions, such as the Sierra Nevada in the United States. Bogs are often called moors or fens in Europe, and muskegs in Canada. Sep 12, 2012