where b cells mature?

where b cells mature?
The B Cell: B cells mature in the bone marrow or in the lymph node. Bone Marrow: Mature B cells express antibodies on their surface, which are specific for a particular antigen.
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Where are the B cells located?
B1 cells are located in a number of tissues including the spleen, intestine, the peritoneal cavity and pleural cavities. B1 cells have distinct haematopoietic origins in the in the fetal liver, and the initial wave of lymphopoiesis in the embryo appears to be skewed towards B1 B cell development.
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Where do mature naïve B cells go following positive and negative selection?
Naïve B cells are formed in the bone marrow acquiring B - cell coreceptor (“BCR”) complexes on their surfaces and undergoing processes of positive and negative selection. They then migrate to the spleen and mature to either follicular of marginal-zone naïve B cells.
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Where do plasma B cells mature?
The function of this protein is unknown, however its expression is intermediary on plasmablasts and is absent from the surface of plasma cells (Figure 3). Figure 2 Maturation and migration of developing B cells. B cells develop from haematopoietic stem cells found in the periphery of the bone marrow.
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