where b lymphocytes mature?

where b lymphocytes mature?
The B Cell: B cells mature in the bone marrow or in the lymph node. Bone Marrow: Mature B cells express antibodies on their surface, which are specific for a particular antigen.
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Where are B lymphocytes located?
B lymphocytes (B cells) are an essential component of the humoral immune response. Produced in the bone marrow, B cells migrate to the spleen and other secondary lymphoid tissues where they mature and differentiate into immunocompetent B cells.
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Where are mature lymphocytes found?
Lymphocytes originate from stem cells in the bone marrow. T- lymphocytes mature, or grow up, in the thymus, an organ in the neck area. Jan 3, 2020
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Where do B and T lymphocytes mature?
These antigen-presenting cells subsequently migrate into lymphoid tissue. There are two major types of lymphocyte : B lymphocytes, which mature in the bone marrow; and T lymphocytes, which mature in the thymus. The bone marrow and thymus are thus known as the central or primary lymphoid organs.
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Where do B lymphocytes complete their development?
Like all hematopoietic cells, lymphocyte precursors originate in the bone marrow, but while B cells complete most of their development within the bone marrow, T cells are generated in the thymus from precursor cells that migrate from the bone marrow.
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