where eagles dare misfits?

Is the movie Where Eagles Dare a true story?
Where Eagles Dare is a World War 2 movie that was made in 1968. ... Hutton, and it was filmed in Bavaria and Austria. The novel, upon which the movie was based, was written by Alistair Maclean, who also wrote the screenplay and this is one of the reasons that the movie is faithful to the book version. Apr 29, 2016
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Where are Eagles Dare?
The castle – Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria; filmed in January 1968. Cable car – Feuerkogel Seilbahn at Ebensee, Austria; filmed in January 1968. Airport scenes – Flugplatz at Aigen im Ennstal, Austria; filmed in early 1968.
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Where Eagles Dare meaning?
The LOGICAL explanation for this song is found in the various meanings of the phrase " where eagles dare ", like the meaning ; to be so ambitious as to lack hubris. To challange the Gods themselves (or maybe Fascists?), like Icaros. ... Because Anti-Social is a good trait in a world of fascism!
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Who originally sang Where Eagles Dare
"Where Eagles Dare " is a song by the American punk rock band Misfits. Written by frontman and vocalist Glenn Danzig, the song was recorded and first released in 1979, alongside the track "Rat Fink", as the B-side of the band's single "Night of the Living Dead".
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