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How much is Paula Cole worth?
Paula Cole net worth: Paula Cole is an American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $6 million. Paula Cole was born in Rockport, Massachusetts in April 1968.
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How old is Paula Cole?
52 years (April 5, 1968)
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Is Paula Cole married?
Personal life In June 2002, Cole married fellow musician Hassan Hakmoun, whom she had met on the Peter Gabriel “Secret World Live” tour in 1994. The couple divorced in 2007. They have one daughter, Sky, who was born in 2002.
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Where is Paula Cole today?
Before we get started with the interview, here's some background information on Cole's career, and her album discography. She was born and raised in Rockport, Massachusetts, and she still lives in New England. She's an excellent vocalist who combines soul and jazz influences, and she's skilled at playing piano. Apr 15, 2019
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