where i am from poem template?

How do I make an I am poem?
Directions: Start with a strong first line. Describe two things about yourself—special things about yourself. Avoid the obvious and the ordinary. Don't tell us things we can tell just by looking at you or knowing you for a day.
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How do you write where I'm from poem?
The key is making this as specific and personal as possible. Use nicknames or words that only you or your family use. Don't worry about readers not knowing what you're talking about. Select from your lists the items you want to include in your poem.
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What is the theme of the poem where I'm from?
In 'Where I'm From ' Lyon delves into themes of identity, home, and history. By looking deeply into her own childhood, and pinpointing the things that make her unique, Lyon is able to lay out a roadmap to understanding herself.
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Where am I from George Ella Lyon poem?
I am from clothespins, from Clorox and carbon-tetrachloride. I am from the dirt under the back porch. (Black, glistening it tasted like beets.) I am from the forsythia bush, the Dutch elm whose long gone limbs I remember as if they were my own.