where is 21 savage mother from?

where is 21 savage mother from?
Who is 21 Savage and where is he from? The 26-year-old rapper – real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph – was born on 22 October 1992. He was raised by his mother, Heather, who is of Dominican origin. In July 2005, Abraham-Joseph moved to the United States of America.
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Is Dominican Savage 21?
21 Savage — Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph — was born in London to parents of Dominican and Haitian descent.
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Where is 21 Savage from in the US?
One year has passed since 21 Savage's controversial arrest by U.S. immigration authorities. For the Atlanta-based rapper, who relocated there from his native UK as a child, the past 12 months have been eventful but shadowed with uncertainty. Feb 3, 2020
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Where is 21 Savage parents from?
21 Savage was born Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph on 22 October 1992 at Newham Hospital in the Plaistow area of London, the son of Heather Carmillia Joseph and Kevin Cornelius Emmons. His parents are both of Caribbean origin; his mother's family is from Dominica, while his paternal grandfather was Haitian.
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Who is 21 Savage's mom
21 Savage / Mothers
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