where is 5g available in the world?

How many countries have 5G installed?
Only 34 countries currently have 5G networks, but there are now confirmed coronavirus cases in 181 countries. Apr 3, 2020
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Which countries have 5G already?
Countries Where 5G Is on the Way. Since February 2020, the list of 5G network countries has expanded slightly to include Canada, Hong Kong, and Thailand. There are several countries with it on the agenda for future development or adoption. In Puerto Rico, for example, wireless provider Claro began testing 5G in 2019. Nov 12, 2020
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Which country banned 5G?
This month, Sweden became the latest European country to ban Huawei and ZTE from its 5G infrastructure. The United Kingdom in July announced plans to completely purge Chinese equipment from its 5G networks in the next seven years. Oct 27, 2020
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