where is 973 area code in california?

where is 973 area code in california?
Where is area code 973? Area code 973 is located in northern New Jersey and covers Newark, Paterson, Clifton, Passaic, and East Orange. It has a single overlay (862) that serves the same area.
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What is the biggest area code in California?
At 46,666 square miles (120,860 km 2 ), it is the largest area code in California with approximately 29% of the state served by area codes 760 and 442.
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When did 973 area code start?
Area code 973 was created on June 1, 1997, in a split of area code 201, which was the original area code for of all of New Jersey when the North American Numbering Plan was inaugurated for nationwide operator dialing in 1947.
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Where is the area code 973 coming from?
The 973 area code serves the Newark area in New Jersey, USA. Nov 21, 2019
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