where is kyrie irving from country?

Is Kyrie from Australia?
Kyrie was born in Melbourne in 1992, shortly after his father's arrival, and grew up in Kew. “In the middle of the season, Kyrie was born while I was coaching his dad, and I remember Kyrie being brought into practices as an infant,” Brown added. Apr 27, 2020
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Is Kyrie Irving Australian or American?
Irving was born in Melbourne, Australia, on March 23, 1992; the son of Drederick and Elizabeth Irving, American expats, and the stepson of Shetellia Irving.
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Is Kyrie Native American?
Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving honoured his Native American heritage by performing a cleansing ceremony and burning sage on the court ahead of a pre-season clash with the Boston Celtics at the weekend. ... Irving visited the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in 2018 with his sister and took part in a naming ceremony. Dec 22, 2020
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When did Kyrie Irving come to America?
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