where is santa clara?

How far is Santa Clara from Los Angeles?
The distance between Los Angeles and Santa Clara is 311 miles. Mar 24, 2021
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Is Santa Clara in Northern or Southern California?
Santa Clara is the most populous county in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Northern California.
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Where in CA is Santa Clara?
Santa Clara, city, Santa Clara county, west-central California, U.S. It lies along the Guadalupe River in the Santa Clara Valley, about 48 miles (77 km) southeast of San Francisco and immediately adjacent to San Jose on the southeast.
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Where is Santa Clara in relation to San Francisco?
Santa Clara is a city in Santa Clara County, California. Located 45 miles (72 km) southeast of San Francisco, the city was founded in 1777 with the establishment of Mission Santa Clara de Asís, the eighth of 21 California missions. Santa Cruz is the county seat and largest city of Santa Cruz County, California.