where is santa monica?

How far is Santa Monica from LA?
23 km
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Is Santa Monica a part of Los Angeles?
Los Angeles County contains 88 incorporated cities, each with its own jurisdiction; among them are Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City, Pasadena and Los Angeles itself. ... While West Hollywood is an independent city, Hollywood is just one of many neighborhoods in the city of Los Angeles.
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Is Santa Monica close to San Diego?
How long is the drive from San Diego, CA to Santa Monica, CA? The total driving time is 2 hours, 8 minutes. Your trip begins in San Diego, California. It ends in Santa Monica, California.
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Where in California is Santa Monica?
Santa Monica, city, Los Angeles county, southern California, U.S. Lying on Santa Monica Bay, it is surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Santa Monica was laid out in 1875 by Senator John P.
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