where kyrie irving from?

Is Kyrie Native American?
Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving honoured his Native American heritage by performing a cleansing ceremony and burning sage on the court ahead of a pre-season clash with the Boston Celtics at the weekend. ... Irving visited the Standing Rock Sioux tribe in 2018 with his sister and took part in a naming ceremony. Dec 22, 2020
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What team is Kyrie in?
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When did Kyrie move America?
Kyrie Irving Childhood. Kyrie was born on March 23, 1992, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, because that is where his father played pro ball. He moved to the United States when he was two, but he still has dual citizenship.
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Where did Kyrie Irving grow up?
Irving grew up in West Orange, New Jersey, where he frequently attended his father's adult-league games. His inspiration to play in the NBA came after playing at Continental Airlines Arena during a school trip in fourth grade, when he declared, "I will play in the NBA, I promise."
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