where light reaction takes place?

where light reaction takes place?
The light reaction takes place in the thylakoid discs. There, water (H20) is oxidized, and oxygen (O2) is released. The electrons freed up from water are transfered to ATP and NADPH. The dark reaction occurs outside of the thylakoids.
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Does light reaction take place in Grana?
The light reaction takes place in thylakoid or grana and stroma lamellae. The light -dependent reactions take place in the thylakoid membranes in the granum (stack of thylakoids), within the chloroplast. Mar 15, 2019
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Where do the reactions of photosynthesis take place?
In plants, photosynthesis takes place in chloroplasts, which contain the chlorophyll. Chloroplasts are surrounded by a double membrane and contain a third inner membrane, called the thylakoid membrane, that forms long folds within the organelle.
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Where does the light reaction of photosynthesis take place quizlet?
- The light reactions take place inside the thylakoids of chloroplasts. - The light reactions produce chemical energy in the form of NADPH and ATP.
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Why are light reactions dependent on the Calvin cycle?
The Calvin cycle refers to the light -independent reactions in photosynthesis that take place in three key steps. Although the Calvin Cycle is not directly dependent on light, it is indirectly dependent on light since the necessary energy carriers ( ATP and NADPH) are products of light - dependent reactions.
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