where lively com?

Are lively bras sold in stores?
Lively sells bras for just $35 each and underwear for $10 each. ... Its bras are available online and offline at many major retailers and department stores, including Amazon, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Walmart. Aug 6, 2019
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Are lively bras worth it?
However, overall it definitely exceeded my expectations by being more comfortable and supportive than any other strapless bra I've tried. At $35, it's also a great value buy, which LIVELY makes even more affordable by allowing you to mix and match two bras for $60 or three bras for $80. May 21, 2020
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Is Lively a good company?
Overall, Lively's bras average out at being fine. The T-shirt bra has a slightly wonky fit and comfort, and the bralette I already owned is nice but nothing special. Both are basic bras that are sturdy enough to last several years with proper care. ... You get what you pay for when it comes to Lively bras. Jan 17, 2020
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Where is lively located?
Lively, headquartered in New York, had raised $15 million in venture capital funding, including a $6.5 million Series A investment from GGV Capital, NF Ventures and former Nautica CEO Harvey Sanders announced late last year. Jul 31, 2019
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