where my money family guy?

Is Brian gone from family guy forever?
Brian was briefly replaced by a new dog Vinnie, voiced by the Sopranos' Tony Sirico, in December, but is now a regular again after his infant sidekick Stewie went back in time to prevent his death. Jan 14, 2014
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What episode of Family Guy is where's my money?
"Patriot Games" is the 20th episode of the fourth season of the animated television series Family Guy.
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When did Family Guy get bad?
Family Guy made the PTC's 2000, 2005, and 2006 lists of "worst prime-time shows for family viewing", with over forty Family Guy episodes listed as "Worst TV Show[s] of the Week". This was due to profanity, animated nudity, and violence. The series was also named the worst show of the 2006–2007 season by the PTC.
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Why did quagmire beat up Brian?
Brian didn't start to hate Quagmire until " Quagmire's Dad", when Brian slept with Ida Davis ( Quagmire's transwoman father), not knowing who she was. Out of anger, Quagmire beat him up, getting Brian to start hating him back, beginning the bitter and ever-farmed rivalry they have now.
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