where my refund 2021 irs?

Can I call the IRS to see where my refund is?
Where's My Refund ? at IRS.gov. If you do not have internet access, call IRS's Refund Hotline at 1-800-829-1954. Feb 1, 2019
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When can I expect my 2021 tax refund?
Date taxes acceptedDirect deposit sentPaper check mailed
March 7 – March 13March 26April 2
March 14 – March 20April 2April 9
March 21 – March 27April 9April 16
March 28 – April 3April 16April 23
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Why is IRS Refund 2020 taking so long?
If you don't receive your refund in 21 days, your tax return might need further review. This may happen if your return was incomplete or incorrect. ... You may also experience delays if you claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit. Mar 17, 2021
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Will I get my tax refund within 21 days
According to the IRS, a “typical tax refund with no issues goes out in 21 days or less.” “It's been over 21 days — beyond 21 days,” Ray said. The IRS told FOX59, “If there is an issue with a tax return that requires additional review, that can add time for some taxpayers, but it varies depending on the issue. 5 days ago
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