where oceans meet hillsong?

Is oceans a biblical song?
This song is primarily based on the account of Jesus walking on water, in Matthew 14:22-31. Peter asks Jesus that upon command, he will come out onto the water. Upon affirmation, Peter walks on water to meet Jesus. ... Jesus rescues him and brings him back into the boat. Feb 16, 2018
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What is the meaning of Oceans by Hillsong?
This song by the Australian worship band Hillsong United tells the story, as recounted in Matthew 14 v22-33, of Peter being called by Jesus to walk on the water. ... According to Hillsong it's, "about stepping into the unknown and a song about faith and trust."
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Where Feet May Fail meaning?
“Oceans ( Where Feet May Fail )” is a song by Hillsong United from their album Zion and released in September 10, 2013. This song talks about trusting God. ... It is like Peter in the bible when He walked on the water to Jesus. Remember if you take your eyes off him you will drown. Jun 2, 2016
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Who sang Oceans by Hillsong
Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) / Artists
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